I’m Danielle Andreoli and I’m a 32 year old instagram addict who loves meeting new people and going on crazy adventures. I am also addicted to coca cola, stripes, trashy tv, op shopping, hanging stuff on the walls and food, I really, really love food. I’m beginning to think there isn’t much I’m not addicted to.

danielle andreoli

This is my husband Luigi. He brings home the bacon and keeps us afloat while I get to live out my dreams of being a photographer, running The Darwin Collective and building a doTERRA business online and in the real world.

We met many years ago in a small town called Katherine. We lived on the same street, caught the same bus and went to the same high school. Luigi and I were so alike in so many ways and so different in others. We drive each other nuts every single day. Neither of us know why our marriage works, it just does and my life would be awfully dull without him by my side.

We travelled around this big country of ours for eleven years without any family support, making adventures as we went along and eventually found ourselves back in top end right where we started.

We have four free spirited girls, each one wilder then the last.  Our lives are insanely messy, exhausting and a daily struggle but it is also filled with so many wonderful, amazing adventures.


I’ve been blogging since 2006 under the name of Hello Owl and now I have re-formulated my plans and ended up here.

Blogging is my ticket to sanity. Everything I write is a true reflection of my life, of where I am at right now and where I have been in the past. It is filled with the good stuff, the bad stuff and most of the time the crazy stuff.

This website was created to bring all the things I love together. My family, my photography, my business and most recently essential oils. So please grab a cup of coffee and  have a noodle around and feel free to ask as many questions as you like.